Time Born:  7:09am

Color:  Bi-Color

Purple Collar - "Mya Mae"

Orange Collar

Birth Weight:  1lb 1.4oz

  • I Do Cherish You3:18

Hair:  Short

Hair:  Short

Birth Weight:  1lb 0.4oz  

Hair:  Short


Birth Weight:  1lb 2.8oz

Color:  Blue

Birth Weight:  1lb 1.5oz

Pink Collar - "Marina"

Color:  Black

Hair:  Short

Puppy #9 - Girl

Hair:  Short

​SOLD !!!

Thank you to David C.

Hair:  Short

Red Collar - "Zeus"

Puppy #4 - Girl

​​Puppy #3 - Boy


Thank you to Kyla D.

Time Born:  3:43am  

Puppy #8 - Boy

Puppy #6 - Girl


SOLD !!!

Thank you to Brandon & Briana.

Time Born:  10:14am

  "Chief and Millie"  Litter (1)

Blue Collar - "Lowen"

Color:  Black

SOLD !!!

​Thank you to Amber V.

Puppies have now gone to their forever homes.

Time Born:  5:33am

Time Born:  6:06am

Hair:  Short

Puppy #1 -Girl 

Color:  Bi-Color

Birth Weight:  1lb 2.4oz 

Brown Collar - "Vader"

Birth Weight:  1lb 1.9oz

Color:  Bi-Color

Black Collar - "Kendrix"

German Shepherd Dogs from American and Imported Pedigree Lines

Green Collar - "Brookfield" 

These puppies will be of unique color and coat length,  they always sell out very fast......

Go to the "Contact Us" tab and reserve your fabulous new puppy now...

Time Born:  7:52am

Time Born:  5:02am

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​Yellow Collar - "Mya" 

Color:  Blue


​Thank you to Brock S.

Birth Weight:  1lb 3.6oz

Color:  Bi-Color

Hair:  Short

Born - 7/16/16

Time Born:  9:26am

Time Born:  5:18am

SOLD !!​!

Thank you to Chris L.


SOLD !!!

Thank you to Michelle B.

Puppy # 7 - Boy

Puppy # 5 - Girl

Hair:  Short

Color:  Sable  

Birth Weight:  1lb 2.7oz

Birth Weight:  1lb 3.2oz

Puppy #2 - Boy