SOLD !!!

​Thank you to Anthony T.

"Chief and Star"  Litter (1)

Puppies have now gone to their forever homes.

Time Born:  10:44am  

Puppy #4 - Boy

Puppy # 7 - Girl

Birth Weight:  1lb  2.7oz

Birth Weight:  1lb  1.7oz  

Time Born:  12:31pm

​​SOLD !!!

Thank you to Morgan Z.

Hair:  Long

Hair:  Long

Hair:  Long

Hair:  Long

Red Collar - "Shilo"

Aqua Collar - "Orin"

Puppy #2 - Boy 

Time Born:  2:04pm

Color:  White

Pink Collar

Time Born:  8:44am  

Purple Collar

Blue Collar - "Varick"

German Shepherd Dogs from American and Imported Pedigree Lines

Color:  White

Staying at GreenBarn-GSD !!!

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Puppy #1 - Boy  

SOLD !!!

Thank you to Karly G.

Hair:  Long


Color:  White

Birth Weight:  14.2oz

Color:  White

Color:  White

Time Born:  9:01am

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 SOLD !!! 

Thank you to Alyssa M.

​​Puppy #3 - Girl

Birth Weight:  15.1oz

SOLD !!!

​Thank you to Bill T.

Hair:  Long

Puppy # 5 - Boy

Orange Collar - "Kona"

  • I Do Cherish You3:18

Birth Weight:  1lb  0.9oz

Color:  White

SOLD !!!

Thank you to Martin L.

Birth Weight:  13.8oz

Time Born:  12:18pm

Color:  White

Green Collar - "Kojo"

Time Born:  10:27am

Hair:  Long

Born:  2/7/17 

Birth Weight:  1lb 2.2oz 

Puppy #6 - Boy