Color:  Blue/Tan  

Hair:  Short

Time Born:  2:20pm

Hair:  Short

Color:  Blue/Tan

Puppy #1  -  Girl  


Thank you to Crystal R.

Puppy #8  -  Boy

Time Born:  10:37pm (7/31/17

Birth Weight:  15.5oz

Birth Weight:  12.02oz

Time Born:  2:43am

Puppy # 7  -  Boy

Green Collar - 

Birth Weight:  11.0oz  

Orange Collar - "Sapphira"

Color:  Solid Isabella

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Color:  Isabella/Silver

Birth Weight:  14.5oz

Born:  08/01/2017       Ready:  9/26/2017

Hair:  Short

Hair:  Short

Color:  Sable  


Thank you to Tim & Danielle P.

Puppy #2  -  Boy

These puppies will be of unique color and coat length,  they always sell out very fast......

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Puppy #6  -  Boy

More up to date pictures coming soon...

German Shepherd Dogs from American and Imported Pedigree Lines


Birth Weight:  12.8oz  

Color:  Liver Sable

Birth Weight:  13.1oz

Blue Collar - "Charlie"

Birth Weight:  12.4oz

​​Puppy #3  -  Girl

Red Collar - "Ice"


Thank you to Cheryl F.


Thank you to Micheal S.

Puppy # 5  -  Girl

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Birth Weight:  8.8oz

Puppy #9  -  Girl

Hair:  Long

Birth Weight:  13.0oz

Hair:  Plush


Thank you to Katelyn C.

Time Born:  6:01am


Thank you to Colton S.


Thank you to Tessa V-V

Time Born:  3:43am

Color:  Blue/Tan

Hair:  Short  

Puppy #4  -  Boy

Time Born:  3:02am

Time Born:  1:15am

Silver Collar - "Remi"

Brown Collar - "Wolf"

Time Born:  11:43pm (7/31/17)


Thank you to Christopher W.

Hair:  Plush    

Hair:  Short

Color:  Sable/Possible Ay Ay = Fawn

Time Born:  1:29am

Black Collar - "Drax"


Thank you to Lori

Lowen & Coco Litter (3)

Purple Collar - "Nala"

  • I Do Cherish You3:18

Color:  Isabella/Silver

Yellow Collar - "Yuki"