German Shepherd Dogs from American and Imported Pedigree Lines


AKC # ____________________________________________
Color: _______________________________


Dam: _____________________________________________________________________
I, _______________________________________________________ (buyer)

of:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________(address), do hereby declare:

I agree to buy the said German Shepherd, puppy/youth  _____________ Collar, with the Microchip # ______________________________________________ 

Ron & Lynn Biggs (sellers)
of: York, ND. 58386, known as:  GreenBarn-GSD at a price of $ 1,200.00, made payable in full, (unless otherwise agreed upon) by the time the said puppy/youth is ready to be picked up or shipped and I understand that this puppy/youth is Sold with Limited Registration. (no breeding permitted)  __________ (Initial)

I hereby declare:  
I have read the entire Written Guarantee Page and the conditions set forth therein.  I understand for the Written Guarantee to be remain valid:  I agree to abide by all conditions to that end.  __________ (Initial)  

I hereby declare:  
I understand if I do not abide by the conditions set forth on the Written Guarantee page and if I do not have the said puppy/youth health checked by a qualified Veterinarian within 72 hours (not including Sundays or Holidays) of receiving the said puppy/youth or Spay/Neuter the said puppy/youth before the age of 1 year or at anytime during the first  year use the Pennhip method for evaluating the hip condition of the said puppy/youth, the Written Guarantee will become null and void and No further Guarantee will be made.  __________ (Initial)

I hereby declare:  
I have read the entire Pricing Page and  I understand a deposit of $200 is due immediately to hold my desired puppy and agree to the price of the said puppy/youth is made payable in full by the time the said puppy/youth is ready to be shipped or picked up.  __________ (Initial)

I hereby declare:
I understand that the deposit paid is strictly non-refundable.  However, the said deposit is transferable to another litter if my desired color or sex of puppy is not available in a current litter.  __________ (Initial)
I hereby declare:
I acknowledge the cost of shipping of the said puppy/youth is an extra expense, on top of the puppy/youth price and is not included in the price of $1,200.00 __________ ​(Initial)

I hereby declare:  I understand, if the Written Guarantee is invoked, the said puppy/youth must be DNA Parent Tested by AKC and results provided to seller, as proof that the puppy/youth in question, is in fact the said puppy purchased from GreenBarn-GSD and from the parents that are stated on the Sale Agreement.  __________ ​(Initial)  

I hereby declare: 
I freely and voluntarily Consent and Grant Permission to GreenBarn-GSD to the use of any photographs and testimonials I give, to be used on their website and or Facebook Site, until I revoke this consent in writing. __________ ​(Initial)

I DO NOT grant permission for any photographs or testimonials I give to be used in any fashion.  (only initial this if you do not want your pictures or testimonials used).  __________ (Initial)

I, _________________________________________________________ (buyer)

of:   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________(address), do understand and I agree to

all conditions of  Written Guarantee and conditions in Sales Contract, as indicated by my signature below.

The entire agreement between the parties is contained here-in.  In the event of a dispute, North Dakota will have jurisdiction over the matter in Benson County.

       By Signing & Dating this Sales Contract constitutes this agreement as a Legal Document

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​​​We at GreenBarn-GSD do hereby declare that the said puppy/youth in this sales contract is a purebred German Shepherd Dog and it's pedigree to be true and correct.  The litter is registered with American Kennel Club (AKC).  The puppy/youth, has been wormed, vaccinated, according to its weight and age (see Worming Schedule and Vaccination Record included in puppy bag) and examined by a veterinarian and pronounced healthy.


Sold with:  Limited Registration

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AKC # ____________________________________________
Sex: _________________
Microchip # _____________________________________
Sire: ______________________________________________________________________
AKC Litter Reg. # ____________________________

Sales Contract

Whelped: _____________________________