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Jestony Sasha Azzura

Whelped: 26th February 2014 

AKC # DN43668401

  • You Can't Hurry Love (Alternate Vocal)3:20
Hello there, my call name is "Sasha"
I am a long haired, Solid Blue and I was born in Hove, Kent. United Kingdom.  I was flown from Heathrow Airport in London to Amsterdam, Netherlands, with my sister at 11 weeks old.  She and I stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights in Amsterdam and then flew to St. Paul Airport, Minneapolis in Minnesota and from there drove to York, North Dakota, with our new Ma.  It was a very long trip but I am glad to be here.
I have long hair and am registered as a solid blue German Shepherd Dog with The Kennel Club (TKC) in the UK and have been registered with American Kennel Club (AKC), here in the US.

I do not carry the gene (-/-) for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and am also clear (-/-) for Hyperuricosuria and (-/-) for Multi-Drug Resistance 1 (MDR1) by means of parentage.

My human Ma says I have the most expressive amber eyes and am very intelligent.  She told my human Pa that I have a low to medium drive with a wonderful laid back and teachable personality.  She says I am very intelligent and thinks my puppies will make wonderful family dogs.  She says, when I walk around outside, with my light colored eyes, I look like a wolf, especially at
I have grown up in the North Dakota countryside with horses, chickens, cats, and dogs and I love it.

TKC # AR01739405