Hello, my call name is "Star" but most times my humans call me "Star Baby", which I also like  :)
I am a long haired solid White and was born in Leicestershire, Kent. United Kingdom. 
I joined the pack quite by surprise when human Ma was visiting family in the United Kingdom and just happened to be looking online when she came across me.  She said she loved me at "first glance" and just had to bring me home to the US. She says I have a fantastic Champion Pedigree behind me on both sides and I have wonderful black pigment, beautiful dark eyes, with white eyelashes and very thick, brilliant white, long haired coat.
She told me I have a low to medium drive and a wonderful laid back personality.  I am registered with The Kennel Club (TKC) in the UK and also registered with the American Kennel Club.  (AKC)
I do not carry the gene (-/-) for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM).
I grew up with children and animals and like them both very much.  I like adults too but have to check that they are OK with my family before I let them in the house ;) 
I just know my puppies will make fantastic family pets that you will love and want to take home, at "first glance", just like my Human 

Whelped: 8th May 2015   

TKC # AS02256509

AKC # DN48511301

German Shepherd Dogs from American and Imported Pedigree Lines

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AKC DNA # V811729

White Vinca (Star)

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