Bellevue's Astrid Mi Amore von Ocean


Hi, my call name is "Astrid"
I arrived from California when I was 12 weeks, it was a very long journey and I did not enjoy it in the least, by the time I got here I did not feel good at all...but I was so glad that I have finally arrived at my new Human Ma & Pa's home and love them very much.
I come from Champion lines on both my mother's and father's side, but my Human Ma say's I am her
Keep an eye on my page and watch me grow, there will be alot of information on here about my pedigree, my mothers and father's pedigrees. 
I heard my Human Pa say that all my Health Testing is to be done and my Hips will be Xrayed and sent in to OFA for scoring, when I am 2 years old and all my health testing will be done, before I start my breeding career.
I also heard a whisper that I might go to California, where my fur mom and dad live to do some showing.... ;)


FCI # RI-HD19.1362
Whelped: July 16th, 2016

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