Violetta Volhouden von Ice

Hi, my call name is "Violet"
I arrived from Roanoke, Virginia, where I was born, when I was 7 months old.  I flew here on a big plane and was quite nervous when I arrived as I didnt know what to expect. My new Human Ma said some of my photos are a bit blurred, but she loves them anyway and wouldnt change them for the world, as they show how I found my way to
I was told that my fur dad, even though he lived in California was born here at GreenBarn-GSD.  His official name was GreenBarn's Fire & Ice @ Bellevue, although he was known as Bellevue's Fire and Ice.  My Human Ma told me that he was extremely impressive and handsome fella.  I never met him as he had travelled back to California when I was born, but I was also told he had a very sweet and lovable nature and I look very much like
When I arrived at GreenBarn-GSD,  I learnt that Coco is my Paternal Grandmother and Millie is my Paternal Great-Grandmother, which is very cool.  I also have many other family members here, so I relaxed and felt at home right away.
My fur-dad has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as he had a very tragic accident, which I was told, made everbody very sad. I hope to make him, my fur mom, my Human Parents and my new Human Ma and Pa very proud and carry on his legacy of making beautiful babies someday.
I do not carry the gene for long hair.  I carry the colors black, blue, brown and liver.  I do not carry white.
My color is the very rarely seen Isabella color, the same as my fur-dad, people often stop and ask about me as they did
I have also inherited my Great-Grandma's double wolf gene.
I do not carry the gene (-/- ) for Degenerative Myelopathy.  You can check out all my tests my clicking the embark link my Human Ma put on my page.
I went for my OFA xrays and my Human Ma said that my hips and elbows looked fabulous  :)  and that she is expecting a good result. 
She will pin a link here to the results when they are in.
AKC #  DN58130401
Microchip:  956000012723023
Whelped:  January 1st, 2019

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