Millie Haaland of Steel Cross

Hi, my call name is "Millie" but sometimes my family call's me "Millie Girl". I don't mind either way  :)
PLEASE NOTE:  Millie is now enjoying her well earned retirement....
I am a short coated, Solid Liver and I was also born in New Mexico, USA.  I came to live with the pack when I was 12 weeks, due to my human parents being in the United Kingdom for Christmas with family. When I arrived I was a bit nervous but I slept by my new human Pa and Ma's bed and I had my own pillow, which was my safe place from the other dogs, I soon fitted in and loved my new home and my new human parents.
My human Pa says I am also an extremely rare color as I have double wolf gene in my coat DNA, which means my fur is white at the base and tipped with liver, making me look like solid color. He also said I have beautiful yellow green eyes. 
I carry one gene (-/+) for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM-Unaffected), and am clear (-/-) for Hyperuricosuria and (-/-) for Multi-Drug Resistance 1 (MDR1).
My human Ma says I have a low drive and a fantastic loving and extremely laid back personality, however, protective of my family.
I am very large boned and last time I was weighed, I was 89lbs, with a shoulder height of 27 Inches.
I do not carry the gene for long hair.  I carry the gene for tan points, mask and also carry the colors, black, brown, blue and liver. I do not carry white.
My human Ma says my puppies will make fantastic family dogs due to my laid back attitude and love of children and people, but they would also do well with protection training due to my size and protective nature, which I will pass on to them.
   AKC #  DN41074504   
AKC DNA # V788971
Microchip:  058538603
Whelped: October 23rd, 2014

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