Renesmee Moon von Varick


Hello, my call name is "Renesmee" but my family just call me "Esmee"
I am a Fawn, which is my pattern not my color.  I inherited this pattern from my fur mommy Coco, as she is also a Fawn.  I am a Cream Fawn, whereas Coco is a Tan Fawn.  I suppose I got a bit diluted my my daddy, who is
My Human Ma says I am am extremely rare and beautiful and am only the second of this color and pattern to be born here at GreenBarn-GSD, which makes me extra ;)
Keep an eye on my page is it is a work in progress and there will be more photos coming very soon..
AKC # DN59779001  
Microchip:  992000000271969
Whelped: October 25th 2019

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United States of America
United Kingdom


Aint No Mountain High Enough.. - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
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York, ND

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