GreenBarn's Aqua Marina

Hi, my call name is "Marina"
PLEASE NOTE:  Marina is now enjoying her well earned retirement....
I was whelped here at GreenBarn-GSD and my human Ma loved my color so much, she said i just had to stay. I was the first to born and it was in Ma & Pa's bedroom.. :)
My Dad is "Chief" and my Mom is "Millie" and I am very excited to be staying here at GreenBarn. My human Ma says I was born a rare Solid Powder Blue and she cant wait to see if my color stays or gets darker like my Auntie Sasha as I get older.
My human Pa said my mom passed on to me the extremely rare double wolf gene in my coloring, which means that the base of my hair is white and the tips are blue.  He said I have beautiful light grey eyes that are very expressive. I have a medium drive and my human Ma says I will grow to be a big girl.
AKC #  DN46836909
AKC DNA # V899106
Microchip:  956000005351622
Whelped: July 16th, 2016

Litter (2) - Pink Collar
Litter (2) - Pink Collar

Litter (2) - Pink Collar
Litter (2) - Pink Collar


Aqua Marina - Gary Miller
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