Dark Legacy von Axel

Hi my call name is "Legacy" but sometimes my Human-Pa calls me Lego....which my Human-Ma doesn't like, but I don't mind... ;)
I am the first born son of GreenBarn-GSD beloved Axel Boss of Steelcross, whom they lost in very tragic circumstances.  My Human Ma told me this makes me his Legacy to her, hence my name...lol...woof
I look completely different to my Fur-Dad, who was a Solid Liver and my younger brother, who is a Liver Sable....Ma says, this just makes me all the more special and although different, I am still very handsome :)
My little sister, "Lucky" who looked most like our Fur-Dad, didn't survive.  She lived for a few weeks in California, where we were born, but was not strong enough to make it.  I think about her sometimes and I know my Human-Ma & Pa still think about them a lot and it still make them very sad.  Sometimes they tell me things about my fur-father, which I like to hear.
All my Heath Tests and Embark are pending, however, I know I am DM clear because my Fur-Mom and Fur-Dad were both clear.  There is a good chance that I carry Liver and Blue, seeing as my Fur-Mom was Blue Sable and my Fur-Dad was Liver....lol....woof.....there is also a chance I carry Long Hair as my Fur-Mom was long haired.
Keep a watch of my page, my Human-Ma says there will be much more information about me, as she gets the time to put it on.
AKC # DN64514201
AKC DNA # (pending)
Microchip:  956000012706608 
Whelped: January 17th, 2020

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Axels Kids
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Legacy - Nichole Nordeman
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