Axelson "Full Circle" Jr

Hi my call name is "Jr"....
I am the second born son of my Human Ma & Pa's precious Axel, who they lost in tragic circumstances.  My Human-Ma says I am the same color as my Fur-Dad, although I am a Sable, which she says makes me all the more precious... :)
I came on a transport with my older brother "Legacy," which I was very nervous about but it all went well.  I was a bit thin and gangly when I arrived, but Human-Pa says I have grown into a very handsome fella.  He also tells me "I knew your Dad, he was a good man."  He also says he thinks I am growing up to be just like him.  I know he was not an actual man, but it makes me laugh and the sentiment makes me happy... :)
You can usually find me hanging out with my best buddy, he keeps me company and I watch over him.  He even brings his toys, chair, snacks, drink and sits with me, even if it is suppose to be nap time,
My Human-Ma says I have a loveable, goofy personality and can sleep anywhere, just like my Fur-Dad.... :)
My DNA has been sent off to AKC and Embark and the results are expected shortly.
Ma tells me that I am DM free, as both my parents were and may carry long hair as my Fur-Mom was, but my Fur-Dad was not and did not carry it, so we will see... ;)
Coincidentally, my Fur-Mom was also English and imported from the UK, just like my Human-Ma, which I think is 
Ma says, keep a close eye on my page, this is just the start, more information and pictures will be added soon.
AKC # DN64514202
Microchip:  956000012734422
Whelped: January 17th, 2020

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