Sales Contract

Collar Color:  ___________

AKC Reg. #  ___________________________

Sex:  ____________

Whelped:  __________________

Color:  _____________________________

Microchip #  ___________________________

Sold With:  Limited Registration

Sire:   ____________________________________________________________

AKC #  _________________________________

Dam:  ____________________________________________________________

AKC #  _________________________________

We, GreenBarn-GSD, do hereby declare that the said puppy in this sales contract is a purebred German Shepherd Dog and it's pedigree to be true and correct.  The litter and individual puppy is registered with AKC.  The puppy has been wormed, treated and vaccinated, according to its weight and age and been examined by a Veterinarian and pronounced healthy and fit for sale.

I, _____________________________________________________  (Buyer)

of:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________  (Address),

Do hereby declare:   

I agree to purchase the German Shepherd puppy ____________  (collar color),  Microchip # __________________________________

from:  Ron & Lynn Biggs of:  5447 45th Ave NE, York, ND 58386, know as GreenBarn-GSD at a price of $1,300, made payable in full, (unless otherwise agreed upon) by the time the said puppy is ready to be picked up or shipped and understand that this puppy is Sold with "Limited Registration".  (Absolutely NO breeding permitted)  ______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I have read the "Pricing Page" and understand a deposit of $200.00 is due immediately to hold my desired puppy.  I agree to the price of the puppy and understand it is to be made payable in full, by the time the said puppy is ready to be shipped or picked up.______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I understand the the deposit of $200 is strictly non-refundable.  However, the said deposit is transferable to another litter if my desired color or sex of puppy is not available in the current litter.  ______  (Initial) 

I hereby declare:   

I acknowledge and understand that if I want my puppy shipped, the cost of shipping is an extra expense, on top of the puppy price and is not included in the puppy price.  ______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I have read the entire "Written Guarantee" page and the conditions set forth therein.  I understand for the Written Guarantee to remain valid and in effect, I must to abide by all conditions stated, to that end.  ______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I understand if I do not abide by all the conditions set forth on the "Written Guarantee" page and if I do not have the said puppy health checked by a qualified Veterinarian within 72 hours (not including Saturday, Sunday or Holidays) of receiving the puppy, or, spay/neuter the said puppy before the age of 1 year and no later than the age of 2 years, the "Written Guarantee" will become null and void.  No further Guarantee is made.  ______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I understand, if the "Written Guarantee" is invoked, the said puppy must be DNA Parent Tested by AKC and results provided to seller, as proof that the puppy in question, is in fact, the puppy purchased from GreenBarn-GSD and from the parents that are stated on the Sales Contract.  ______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I freely and voluntarily Consent and Grant Permission to GreenBarn-GSD to use any photographs and testimonials I provide, on their Website and or Facebook Page, until I revoke this consent in writing.  (only initial if you AGREE to your pictures and testimonials being used)  ______  (Initial)

I hereby declare:   

I DO NOT Grant Permission for any photographs or testimonials I give to be used in any fashion.  (Only initial this if you do not want your pictures or testimonials used)  ______  (Initial)

I, ____________________________________________________  (Buyer)

of:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________(address),


have read, understood and agree to all conditions of, and in, the "Written Guarantee" and conditions set forth in the "Sales Contract" as indicated by my signature below.

The entire agreement between the parties is contained here-in.  In the event of a dispute, North Dakota will have jurisdiction over the matter in Benson County

By Signing and Dateing this Sales Contract constitues this agreement as a Legal Document.

________________________________________           ________________________________________          ___________________

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